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What is Quality Training?

POSTED: May 11 2020

Many training providers claim to provide so-called “quality training”, but what does high-quality training really look like?

1. Trainers – Industry experienced trainers who can communicate well and guide learners to achieve learning outcomes are the most important element.

2. Facilities – Training needs to be conducted in facilities that offer both good representation of real-world environments as well as a variety of equipment that aligns with what learners may come across.

3. Value for Money – Good training should represent good value.

At Competency Training (RTO-31299) We try to set the standard on what great training looks like. By providing world-class trainers in excellent facilities we represent good value for money. We even provide lunch. So come and train with us if you want high-quality electrical training. We will price match our competitors offering the same course! 

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