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Hazardous Areas Training in New Zealand

POSTED: September 21 2023

As a result of popular demand, we have launched our industry-leading hazardous areas training in three locations in New Zealand. We will be delivering our Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas and Hazardous Areas Classification and Design courses in Auckland, Christchurch and New Plymouth. We can also deliver all Hazardous Areas training on the client’s site if required as corporate booking.

The courses have been developed to meet the requirements of the AS/NZ Standards, this is good news for New Zealand students, meaning participants can apply their learnings in both Australia and New Zealand without having to do two separate courses.

Our hazardous areas training (also known as explosive atmospheres in NZ) is intended for electrical workers, technicians and engineers involved with installing and maintaining electrical equipment in hazardous areas. It covers the principles of hazardous area classification, explosion-protection techniques, equipment installation requirements, inspections, and procedures for breakdowns and maintenance, with theory and practical components.

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