IECEx Certification

 Competency Training is an IECEx Certification Body within the IECEx Certification of Personnel Competency scheme (CoPC) and can now offer certification in most IECEx Ex Units of Competency. Our Identifier within the scheme is “ACT” and will appear on our Certificates. The list is available on the IECEx website.

What is IECEx CoPC?

It is an internationally recognised scheme designed to assess a persons knowledge and skills for working in hazardous areas by way of written and practical assessment, with the outcome being an IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence for an individual.

The online certificate includes photo identification of the holder and the certificate can be viewed by anyone for verification on the IECEx website

The aim of an IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence is to provide employers and organisations with confidence that personnel working in or around explosive atmospheres, or that can affect the safety of hazardous areas, hold the required competence to carry out their role correctly and safely.  It is like a passport of sorts for hazardous area workers who may operate across multiple countries and jurisdictions.

IECEx CoPC can be used in Australia to satisfy AS/NZS 60079.14 clause 4.5 Competence of personnel “Competency maybe demonstrated in accordance with the IECEx scheme”

IECEx CoPC is broken into Ex Units which cover various roles in industry for example; installation, maintenance, inspection, overhaul, design, classification, and auditing. Depending on the person’s job function.


Unit Description

Ex 000

Basic knowledge and awareness

Ex 001

Apply basic principles of protection in explosive atmospheres

Ex 002

Perform classification of hazardous areas

Ex 003

Install explosion-protected equipment and wiring systems

Ex 004

Maintain equipment in explosive atmospheres

Ex 005

Overhaul and repair of explosion-protected equipment

Ex 006

Test electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres

Ex 007

Perform visual & close inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres

Ex 008

Perform detailed inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres

Ex 009

Design electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres

Ex 010

Perform audit inspection of electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres

Ex 011

Basic Knowledge of the safety of hydrogen systems (coming soon)

Does IECEx CoPC include training?

No. the CoPC does not include nor require prior training however, for most Units there is a requirement for applicants to have 3 years demonstrated work experience in hazardous areas.

However, where needed to assist preparation for certification, training can be provided prior to assessments by an IECEx RTP (recognised training provider). Competency Training has proudly held IECEx RTP status since 2015 and was the second organisation in the world to achieve this. (IECEx   Recognised Training Providers)

What’s the difference between IECEX CERTIFICATION and training & assessment?

Training & Assessment

iecex Certification

Led by a facilitator (trainer)

Held by an invigilator & or examiner

Can be for persons new to industry

Most units require 3 years demonstrated work experience

Encourages in class group discussion

Does not allow discussion during assessments

No time limits imposed

Set time limits and 75% pass mark

Training & assessment can be by the same person

IECEx Certification assessments do not allow the trainer and assessor to be the same person

Demonstration of practicals can be led by the trainer

All practical assessment is performed by the candidate

Certificates do not normally expire

5 year expiry with provision to recertify

Outcome is a Statement of Attainment for nationally recognised Units of Competency in Australia

Outcome is IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence for Ex Units of Competence globally accepted

Can I achieve IECEx CoPC Units via RPL, with a CompEx certificate or other hazardous area certificate?

No, you must sit the specific IECEx knowledge exams and undertake relevant practical assessments, however evidence of completion of any prior training is requested during your application.

Can I do IECEx certification assessment online?

Typically no, and candidates have to attend the Certifying Body’s facility or Assessment Centre. However, in extenuating circumstances, for knowledge assessment, it may be possible to provide remote invigilation.

For more information on IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence and available training courses, please email us at or fill in the ‘Expression of Interest’ form provided below.

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