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What is Refresher Training?

POSTED: November 2 2018

Our refresher courses are short duration training courses designed for electrical workers and engineers who hold the competencies delivered by our full courses. Refresher courses are designed to provide:

  • Updates on legislation and standards;
  • Introduction to new techniques;
  • Exposure to different equipment from the person’s workplace;
  • An opportunity to discuss issues and experiences with other personnel working in the field;
  • Verification that personnel remain competent to perform the relevant tasks.



In the absence of any formal legislation or industry body recommendations, we can only provide a recommendation based on industry best practices and what we have observed written into company procedures of our clients throughout Australia. We   recommend  that after successful completion of a full   High Voltage Switching Operations  or    EEHA Installation and Maintenance course, individuals complete Refresher training every 2-3 years to meet the requirement for maintaining currency.



Candidates are eligible to attain   current  units of competency that have previously been attained. Eligibility to attain units is confirmed by verification of prerequisite information, which normally includes:

  • Electrical licence
  • Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment listing relevant current units of competency.



AS/NZS 60079.14   and   AS/NZS 60079.17 (Standards for Explosive Atmospheres) both state:

Appropriate continuing education or training shall be undertaken by personnel on a regular basis.

AS/NZS 4761.1:2018 states the following:

Where personnel are regularly involved in hazardous areas activities the periodic re-assessment should be carried out at least every two or three years.



WA Guidelines for the Safe Management of High Voltage Electrical Installations (2014)  states:

HV switching operators are required to be assessed as being competent, and maintain currency, in units of switching contained in Industry Training Packages delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved to deliver Nationally Recognised Training within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

This is duplicated in other legislation/Standards in similar form. Nothing is legislated or written into Standards with regard to specific units of competency required or time-frames for refresher training to ensure currency.


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