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This is what one of our students had to say about our training…

POSTED: June 17 2020

Our High Voltage Switching Operations courses are one of the best in the industry and what makes them so good is our expert trainers. This is what one of our students had to say about our course.

“During the month of June 2019, I took part in and completed my High Voltage Switching Operations course with (Competency Training).

Although being an electrician, I had no background in High Voltage Switching. For the first couple of days of the course, I was nervous and was feeling that there was a potential for me to fail. (The Trainer) could read my mood and was only more encouraging towards my efforts. He reassured me that if I continued the hard work that I was putting into the course, I would succeed. He likened me to the story of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’, and by day 5 of the course, I could tell that I would easily pass.

High Voltage Switching must leave no room for error, and this fact was drummed into us by (The Trainer’s) teaching methods. How (The Trainer) delivered the course was nothing short of exceptional. I would not call myself scholastic by any means, and I’m generally not one to enjoy a classroom environment though this course was different. Thanks to (The Trainer) and his teaching methods, I walked away from the class feeling happy and very confident with the new skills that (The Trainer) had just helped me acquire.

Fast-forwarding twelve months, I was asked to perform my first lot of High Voltage Switching—a whole ten days of switching to be exact. Again at first, I was nervous but after sitting down and studying my single line diagram, all of the knowledge that (The Trainer) had taught me twelve months prior came flooding back. The result was 15 perfect switching programs that were executed safely without a single hick-up.

(Competency Training’s) High Voltage Switching course is easily the best course that I have ever done, and I would not hesitate to steer anyone else who may be interested in partaking in it in (Competency Training’s) direction. How (The Trainer) delivers the course criteria is a credit to his skillset and teaching methodology.” 

– High Voltage Switching Operations Student

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