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Supporting Clients in New Zealand via remote learning

POSTED: July 8 2020

We are filling the gap between remote learning and quality training. At Competency Training, we are utilising high-tech virtual training equipment along with local resources to ensure that the quality of our training is not compromised at any stage.

We have a large team working from our two main operating locations of Brisbane and Perth and our satellite facilities across Australia and New Zealand. This allows us to ensure practical training is always supervised by an expert.


We recently completed Hazardous Area Electrical training for a client in New Zealand. This session was conducted remotely from Brisbane. Due to travel restrictions, our parent company, LogiCamms mobilised an in-country Subject Matter Expert (SME) from New Plymouth to our client’s site to assist in conducting hazardous area inspections for candidates’ practical assessment, all the while our trainer in Brisbane provided instructions and monitored via Zoom with multiple cameras set up.


All participants successfully completed their training with the help of our virtual training set up and support from the SMEs from LogiCamms New Zealand.

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