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Risky Business: Meeting Hazardous Area Compliance

POSTED: April 24 2017

The message we often hear is: “We need to know we’re good to commence operations as soon as we flick the switch after commissioning – that our worksite has been professionally inspected and is fully compliant.”

How best do we minimize Hazardous Area risks to deliver a professional, skilled and compliant worksite from the get-go?

Competency Training is collaborating with Australian company, Petromod, to deliver quality audit and inspection services, combined with HA training, to Australian and international clients.

Petromod is a provider of electrical audit and inspection services for the global oil and gas industry, protecting people and assets during construction and production. Headquartered in Western Australia, it offers Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA) installation and inspection, greenfield and brownfield maintenance, and commissioning services.

Petromod and Competency Training have tailored a solution that tackles both inspection and training requirements. Clients can be confident that experienced inspectors are on-site mentoring workforces to use the equipment and build on their knowledge.


In 2016, Petromod and Competency Training are jointly providing fully tailored on-site programs which deliver safe workplaces, and compliant workforces.

Inspection services identify issues during the installation phase, including instances where materials constructed offshore have not met with domestic inspection requirements.

The compliance package layers audit services over inspections to identify training requirements and ensure workforces are fully qualified to operate equipment ahead of site commissioning.

These programs extend the learning from the classroom into the field, enabling companies to improve Hazardous Area and specialist safety training on individual sites.

This tailored approach delivers:

  • A fully compliant workplace, meeting Australian EEHA safety standards.
  • Substantial improvement in the client’s ability to maximize productivity in a safer working environment.
  • Cost effective and timely solution delivery, integrating inspection and audit services to ensure workplaces are fully compliant with Australian standards.
  • On-site training and delivery of competencies and qualifications which minimise training downtime and cost, allowing clients to reallocate funding towards broader business objectives.

To organise Hazardous Area inspection, audit and training contact us on 1300 872 585.

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