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Functional Safety for Technicians

POSTED: November 21 2016
Functional safety for technicians

Functional Safety for Technicians

Course:   Functional Safety for Technicians
Date:   14 – 15 December 2016
Location:   10 Avior Avenue, Jandakot WA 6147
Duration:   2 Days
Price:   $1,900 + GST
Enrolment:   Contact us to enrol

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We are hosting a two-day ‘Functional  Safety for Technicians’ course in conjunction with Zento Global Solutions at our Perth facility in December.

Zento Global Solutions

Zento Global Solutions is an international safety and risk management solutions provider. They are world leaders in functional safety.

This course is designed and delivered in conjunction with Zento Global Solutions to bring you the best functional safety course available.


Independent Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are used on most sites to reduce the risk of harm to people, the environment and asset or financial loss. The international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 (both adopted directly as Australian standards) have detailed requirements throughout all phases of the lifecycle of a SIS. Ensuring competence of personnel interacting with the SIS is important for asset owners, duty holders, and managers.

This 2-day course provides an understanding of the functional safety standards and their application to the operation and maintenance phases of the lifecycle, building knowledge and contributing to the development of a competent workforce.


This course will cover:

  • The principles and concepts of the international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 for safety instrumented systems (SIS).
  • How to design safety-instrumented systems to protect against hazards using the techniques and measures in IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 including developing lifecycle procedures (e.g. maintenance, inspection and testing)
  • Requirements for Installation and commissioning and the validation documentation to demonstrate that systems have been fully tested, checked and approved against the safety requirements specification.
  • Requirements for maintaining and operating the SIS including proof testing, inspection, management of change, impact analysis, management of overrides, recording of plant maintenance data for proven in use evidence.


Instrument, Electrical, Mechanical, Operator, Process and Safety Technicians, as well as Operating and Maintenance personnel who are involved in any of the life cycle phases for safety instrumented systems from hazard and risk assessment, design, installation, commissioning, validation, operations and maintenance.


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