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POSTED: October 15 2020

Competency Training has been no stranger to the significant impact that COVID-19 has had on the way we operate, with working and learning from home emerging as the new normal. Advancements in technology have provided us with the ability to access a multitude of virtual resources from devices that can fit into our pockets.

The technical training industry is one of the fastest-growing industries to utilise online learning. This can be attributed to the increasing complexity of the industry with ever-changing regulations and sustainability solutions. Online learning provides new and experienced workers with an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill-sets through cost-efficient means. It also gives them the ability to access this information in external or remote locations.

At Competency Training, our courses have been adapted from face-to-face to low-contact, blended learning. Students now have the option to attend our popular courses 80% virtually through live-streaming with the remaining 20% done face-to-face to cover practical knowledge. This is vital to maintain operational efficiencies and compliance when travel restrictions are imposed.

Online learning provides our students with information that is convenient and easily accessible.

Overall, e-learning has been around since the emergence of the internet. However, there is no denying COVID-19 has shifted the way in which we do things, and Competency Training’s approach is able to keep up-to-date with technological advancements and the sometimes uncertain nature of the world.


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