High Voltage Isolation for Access

Course Overview

Competency Training’s High Voltage Isolation for Access course provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to perform high and low voltage switching under the direction of an authorised High Voltage Switching Operator.


2 days


Delivered at one of Competency Training’s national training centres, or at a client’s facility.


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This nationally recognised High Voltage Isolation for Access course is intended for workers who are conducting switching using a switching program, and under the direction of an authorised High Voltage Switching Operator. It covers the following topics:

  1. Legislation and standards
  2. Electrical hazards and risk management
  3. Requirements for working in a high voltage area, including safe approach distances
  4. Precautions that must be taken when performing high voltage switching
  5. Permit procedures
  6. Procedures for safe isolation and earthing of equipment for the issue of an electrical access permit for work on or near the high voltage equipment
  7. Practical switching activities to a switching program

The course can be delivered as a classroom course for company bookings, and the course material can be tailored to specifically address the needs of your facility. Contact us for more information.



Switching Operations

UEPOPS349 Operate local H.V. Switchgear
UEPOPS357 Operate local L.V. Switchgear
UEPOPS456 Perform switching to a Switching Program

Safety and Procedures

UETTDREL16 Working safely near live electrical apparatus
UETTDRRF09 Apply access procedures to work on or near electrical network infrastructure

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Who should attend?

This High Voltage Isolation for Access course is designed for personnel who are carrying out high voltage switching operations under the direction of an authorised High Voltage Switching Operator.


In accordance with industry Best Practice, Competency Training recommends that this high voltage training course be refreshed every 2-3 years.


Electrical workers who are required to write, check and/or authorise switching programs, perform switching, issue permits and coordinate switching and permit procedures should enrol in the nationally recognised High Voltage Switching Operations course.

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