We have a deep understanding of the time and resource pressures you face in maintaining compliant teams, and in developing high performance workforces.


Our service is mapped around the efficient delivery and maintenance of core skills through either individual programs, or as part of a holistic Competency Assurance Management (CAMs) program.

CAMs is a highly effective and scalable tool that we custom-build for specific sites or operational teams, depending on your requirements.

The program is managed and operated by dedicated learning and development specialists.


Competency Assurance

In an environment of skills shortages, the ability to train and develop your own workforce is increasingly required to achieve operational success.

Competency Assurance, in collaboration with the engineering and operational expertise of our parent company Verbrec Ltd., can provide this critical component for your asset. Backed by Competency Training, a Registered Training Organisation, we understand the challenges of implementing training across your workforce in a cost-effective manner.

Our highly skilled team connects asset owners and operators with the solutions needed to ensure workforces are trained and ready to operate assets efficiently and safely. Our solutions involve all aspects of personnel training and development including:

  • Training needs analysis/role profiling
  • Instructional design
    • Analyse training needs
    • Design training (face to face, elearning or blended learning)
    • Develop training materials (face to face, elearning or blended learning)
    • Implement training using industry expert trainers
    • Evaluate training effectiveness
  • Implementation of training management solutions
  • Management of training programs and course material

We can offer each of these services individually, or as part of a holistic Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS).


Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS)

Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS) will ensure that an operation has valid and reliable controls in place to ensure all people on site are competent to function in their respective roles. A CAMS is a highly effective tool that is scalable and can be custom-built for sites or specific teams/functions.

The system can be developed as a holistic training solution or can consist of one or more of the five key elements:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Manage

Implementing a successful CAMS will ensure your workforce is trained, assessed as competent, continually developed, retained and your operational needs are meet. A highly trained and competent workforce can improve organisational efficiencies and lower operating costs and workplace incidents.

Working with a diverse international customer base, including Chevron, Oil Search, Santos and QGC, our dedicated learning and development specialists provide complete solutions for operations. Our Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS) is a highly effective tool that is scalable and can be custom-built for sites or specific operational teams.

We have delivered customised training systems for customers, such as specialised training for personnel working on high voltage equipment, through to four-stage internal progression training frameworks for entire workforces.

For further information on our Competency Assurance services or for a confidential discussion, please contact the representative listed on this page.

Areas of expertise

  • Training development strategies and implementation
  • Role and task analysis
  • Operating manuals and procedures
  • Competency Assurance Management Systems (CAMS)
  • Nationally Recognised Training and e-learning through Competency Training

Technical Services

The message we often hear is: “We need to know we’re good to commence operations as soon as we flick the switch after commissioning – that our worksite has been professionally inspected and is fully compliant.”

How best do we minimise risks to deliver a professional, skilled and compliant worksite from the get-go?



Competency Training’s experienced audit team have provided auditing services for over 20 years.

In Western Australia, mine site audits are conducted in accordance with the State’s Department of Mines and Petroleum and their Electrical Safety Management Systems Audit Guideline. The audit is accepted as being independent and can be delivered for small and large mining operations.

Audits on all other types of installations are conducted using audit criteria developed by Competency Training and cover all aspects of electrical safety systems and procedures required to be in place to meet State Legislation, Regulations and Australian Standards.


Site inspections can be carried out to identify the condition of plant equipment and assets. The inspection criteria developed by Competency Training covers all aspects of an electrical installation, including electrical safety management systems and compliance with:

  • Government legislation and regulations;
  • Australian Standards; and
  • Company standards and specifications

Procedures Development

Competency Training can develop procedures for:

  • High voltage switching
  • Isolation and tagging
  • Powerline corridor emergency response
  • Live work
  • Customised procedures
  • New installations

Competency Training can also deliver customised electrical management policies, standards and specifications.

Dossier Development

Competency Training assists our customers in developing dossiers for Hazardous Areas as part of their legal requirement.