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Competency Assurance

We have a deep understanding of the time and resource pressures you face in maintaining compliant teams, and in developing high performance workforces.


Our service is mapped around the efficient delivery and maintenance of core skills through either individual programs, or as part of a holistic Competency Assurance Management (CAMs) program.

CAMs is a highly effective and scalable tool that we custom-build for specific sites or operational teams, depending on your requirements.

The program is managed and operated by dedicated learning and development specialists.


Competency Assurance

In an environment of skills shortages, the ability to train and develop your own workforce is increasingly required to achieve operational success.

Competency Assurance, in collaboration with the engineering and operational expertise of our parent company LogiCamms, can provide this critical component for your asset. Backed by Competency Training, a Registered Training Organisation, we understand the challenges of implementing training across your workforce in a cost effective manner.

Our highly skilled team connects asset owners and operators with the solutions needed to ensure workforces are trained and ready to operate assets efficiently and safely. Our solutions involve all aspects of personnel training and development including:

  • Training needs analysis/role profiling
  • Instructional design
    • Analyse training needs
    • Design training (face to face, elearning or blended learning)
    • Develop training materials (face to face, elearning or blended learning)
    • Implement training using industry expert trainers
    • Evaluate training effectiveness
  • Implementation of training management solutions
  • Management of training programs and course material

We can offer each of these services individually, or as part of a holistic Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS). Read more about a CAMS.