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Asset Management Appreciation

POSTED: November 2 2016
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Competency Training is delivering the Asset Management Appreciation course in conjunction with Lloyd’s Register at our Perth facility on 5th December 2016.

What is ISO 55001?

Developed by an international team of asset management professionals from over 40 countries along with contributions from members of the Lloyd’s Register, the International Standards Organisation published ISO 55001 in 2014.

ISO 55001 is the new non-proprietary benchmark against which asset management systems can be developed and measured.

Our Asset Management Appreciation course aims at providing you with the insider knowledge that you need for effective asset management that allows you to build on the excellence within your organisation.


This course provides participants with a good understanding of key elements of asset management and critical components required to put an asset management system in place that meets the ISO 55001 certification requirements.

Learning outcomes:

  • Aims and objectives of the strategic asset management plan
  • Alignment of asset objectives with corporate objectives
  • The management of risk to optimise asset management decisions

The course is tailored to ensure that you learn and understand all the key elements required for the ultimate certification of the system.

For more information on the course, please contact us on 1300 872 585.

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