Conduct a Conformity Assessment

Course Overview

Conduct a Conformity Assessment is an assessment-only pathway to recognition of nationally recognised competency that meets the competency requirements of AS/NZS 4761 Competencies for working with electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA).


Self-paced (RPL kit completion)




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This is an assessment-only pathway to recognition of an applicant’s ability to conduct a conformity assessment and produce a Conformity Assessment Document.

On enrolment, participants will be provided with a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Kit, which provides guidance through the process of gathering evidence in support of the assessment application. The RPL Kit provides detailed information about the process and evidence that should be submitted.

As part of demonstrating competency, applicants must provide at least two Conformity Assessment Documents (CAD), along with the following supporting information:

  1. Overall photo(s) of the equipment concerned
  2. Legible photo(s) of nameplate(s) of the equipment concerned. Alternatively, certified nameplate drawing(s) – but only such as are listed in the certificate(s) if any
  3. Full copy(copies) of relevant evidence of equipment certification(s) that are traceable from the nameplate(s)

The Conformity Assessments must include equipment for all the following explosion-protection techniques:

  1. Flameproof (Ex d)
  2. Increased Safety (Ex e)
  3. Intrinsic Safety (Ex i)
  4. Non-Sparking (Ex n)
  5. Pressurisation (Ex p)
  6. Dust protection by enclosure (Ex tD)




UEENEEM036A Conduct a conformity assessment of explosion-protected equipment - gas atmospheres
UEENEEM037A Conduct a conformity assessment of explosion-protected equipment - dust atmospheres

To attain all units of competency, evidence of the following prerequisites must be provided.


  • UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology, UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control, or equivalent.
  • Evidence of prior successful completion of an Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas course.
  • Evidence of prior successful completion of a Hazardous Areas Classification and Design course.


Prospective students must be able to demonstrate competency in:

  • Compliance assessment of electrical / electronic equipment
  • General technical evaluation and report writing

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This assessment-only pathway is intended for electrical workers, technicians, engineers and senior engineers involved in selection of equipment for hazardous areas, and who have previously had experience performing conformity assessment.

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