The message we often hear is: “We need to know we’re good to commence operations as soon as we flick the switch after commissioning – that our worksite has been professionally inspected and is fully compliant.”

How best do we minimise risks to deliver a professional, skilled and compliant worksite from the get-go?

Virtual Reality Enabled Training

Competency Training tailors solutions to ensure workforces are able to execute processes safely on-site by preparing our students through simulated environments within classrooms. Harness the technology that VR offers and open your team to the advantages provided by VR customised training solutions, delivering workers who are job-ready and compliant.

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e-Learning Courses

Competency Training specialises in the development of e-Learning solutions tailored to your needs. Our e-Learning courses incorporate multimedia elements to make them engaging for students, and assessments to ensure that learning outcomes are robust. All e-Learning courses can be accessed online at a time that is convenient to you.