Powerline Corridor Safety Awareness Course


2 Hours


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This Powerline Corridor Safety Awareness Course is designed to cover the requirements for personnel working or using equipment in proximity to overhead powerlines. It includes requirements of Australian Standards, Mines Regulations, actual incidents and emergency response methods. It is recommended for all personnel who operate vehicles and machinery in such areas. The course is assessed and a certificate provided.

The course outcomes include:

  • Defining, Powerline Corridor, Vertical Clearance and Horizontal Clearance.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of all parties on the Powerline Corridor Permit.
  • Detail specifically when a High Voltage Powerline Corridor Permit is and is not required for operations involving vehicles, machinery and personnel.
  • State all emergency procedures and responses as related to a possible powerline corridor incident.

It is recommended a refresher is completed every 2 years and for new personnel on commencement of employment.

Our courses are delivered by qualified, experienced trainers who are all currently practicing as engineers and designers in the electrical and instrumentation industries, and have experience across multiple disciplines. Competency Training offer the flexibility of either delivering the courses on site, using the client’s own equipment and tailored training material. Alternatively, we can host at our dedicated training centres in Perth. The Powerline Corridor Safety Awareness course can also be modified to suit your company’s policies and procedures.

This course is only available as a company run course and currently does not feature on our Public Training Calendar. For further information on this course, please contact us.

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