Earthing Systems and Fault-Loop Impedance


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This Fault Systems and Earth Loop Impedance and Multiple Earth Neutral (MEN) course is presented to explain the regulatory path that requires electrical designers and workers in each state to comply with the mandated standards around the subjects of touch potential, fault loop impedance and earth fault current. This is achieved by demonstrating the application of indirect contact protection by automatic disconnection of supply as required by AS/NZS 3000:2007 and by giving technical guidance and details in its practical application in an industrial environment.

The course includes:

  • To explain the need for a MEN system and describe the operation of this earthing system. Explain the purpose of connecting multiple earths to the neutral conductor. Describe the operation of the MEN system when an earth fault and neutral fault occurs.
  • To provide an understanding of the different methods of installing MEN cabling within an installation and outbuildings. To be able to identify the faults that may occur if the system of earthing is incorrectly installed.
  • To identify earth faults that can raise the potential difference of the earthing system above earth potential. To provide an understanding of the calculations to determine the voltage levels on the earthing system. Provide methods to rectify faults causing electrical shocks.

Our courses are delivered by qualified, experienced trainers who have experience across multiple disciplines. Competency Training offer the flexibility of either delivering the courses on site, using the client’s own equipment and tailored training material. Alternatively, we can host at our dedicated training centres in Perth. The Electrical Standards and Regulations course can also be modified to suit your company’s policies and procedures.

This course is only available as a company run course and currently does not feature on our Public Training Calendar. For further information on this course, please contact us.

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